Passion and craftsmanship art in a big showroom

The showroon of Tacchi Tessiture Tele Metalliche is located in Erno di Veleso (CO) in Via P. Schiavio, 8 – 22020 Italy. To welcome our customers, normally architects, and engineers experts in design, you will find high qualified and expert staff able to recommend them in the most appropriate and suited way to their needs.

In the showroom you can feel the passion for the product, of the work and of the craftsmanship art. Inside the shop all the workings of the field of weaving and of the metallic wires made of warp and weft continous yarns of different materials are shown: stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass and bronze.

Esposizione tele metalliche per arredo e architettura
Showroom Rete e Tele Metalliche per l'Architettura
showroom tele metalliche per arredo e architettura

In the shop you can see all the design products specific for interior decoration, beautiful furniture objects for the house, useful and functional.

The customer will be able to have a look at brochures and see the company realizations, from metallic cloths, special cloths, cloths for screen prints,cloths for Plansichter and mills to electro-welded meshes, woven meshes, fence meshes and other realizations. When they see our products, the customers will specify their needs and requests, the handcraft work is made on purpose for every request.