Meshes and
Metallic wire cloths
for architecture
and design
Meshes and
Metallic wire cloths
for industry


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Meshes and metallic wire cloths for Architecture and Design

For more than seventy years, Tacchi Tessiture Metalliche has beeen producing meshes and metallic wire  cloths for facades, for interior decorating, and for home furnishings,matching the resistance and the practicity of the metallic cloth with the search for modern effects and high design

Meshes and Metallic Cloth for Industry

For more than seventy years, Tacchi Tessiture Tele Metalliche has been specialised in the production of meshes and metallic cloths for various industrial fields such as constructions, filtering, production of filters, the petrochemical sector, plastic materials, granting top levels  of quality and resistance in each mesh they produce.

Headquarter: Erno di Veleso

In our premises people can perceive the art of the handcraft work, of care and passion for our own products and works. Customers can examine the appliances for each filed of weaving and metallic wires.

Expertise and professionalism of our staff will enable the customers to find the most suitable products to their needs.


Download the 3D libraries for your projects.

Download the library of materials for Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3Ds Max.
Inside the 3D software you can apply on your projects the Tacchi metallic meshes.

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