Certified meshes and metallic wire cloths

Tacchi Tessiture Tele Metalliche has always been realizing meshes and metallic cloths of high quality, for this reason, the whole production process is checked step by step, in order to respect all the european standards requested in the field of the production of metallic meshes.

Attention to quality is the cornerstone of the production philosophy of Tacchi Tessiture Tele Metalliche and the two european certifications obtained by the company are a proof of it. The production process of metallic meshes at Tacchi Tessiture Tele Metalliche is in fact certified:


The active quality system in TACCHI covers all actions which aim to ensure that the nets and wire meshes are of high quality, to meet customer requests.
For this, the entire production chain makes use of rigorous and methodical controls and tested processes, the result of the company’s experience.

Modern technologies, consolidated methods, equipment and production management techniques, as well as employee training courses, the continuous insertion of new generation machinery, guarantee a high and constant quality in the nets and wire meshes produced.

Certificazioni rete e tele metalliche
Certificazioni di qualita
Tele e Reti metalliche

If you are looking for a trusty partner able to supply you metallic meshes and cloths of high quality at competitive prices, always granting the shortest delivery times, ASK FOR YOUR QUOTATION and send immediately your request to Tacchi Tessiture Tele Metalliche.