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For more than seventy years quality meshes and metallic cloths

The company Tacchi Tessiture Tele metalliche is located in Veleso, in the province of Como, the manufacturing tradition cradle of the weaving of meshes and metallic cloths.

As a matter of fact at the beginning of the XIX century, precisely in Veleso, the first loom for the weaving of metallic cloths was imported from Germany, radically changing the industrial culture of this area, and setting the stage for the birth of Tacchi Tessiture Tele Metalliche.
In fact, after years of experience developed in the field of the weaving of metallic wires and in the realization of meshes and metallic cloths, the company Tacchi Tessiture Tele Metalliche was born in 1940, distinguishing immediately on the market for the production of high quality cloths and metallic meshes.

The continous expansion of the manufacturing department, the acquisition of machinery and the latest generation of looms, and moreover the attention the company gives to the constant updating of qualified staff and to the ongoing investment in the new technologies, allowed the company to maintain its position of leader for the production of metallic cloths and meshes, granting that prestige which international customers recognize them every day.

The cooperation with partners for the supply of the raw materials, moreover, allowes Tacchi Tessiture Tele Metalliche to get advantage of a continously equipped warehouse with all the raw materials necessary to produce a wide choice of meshes and metallic cloths to satisfy the needs of all the customers   just in time.

If you are looking for a trusty partner able to supply you metallic meshes and cloths of high quality at competitive prices, always granting the shortest delivery times, ASK FOR YOUR QUOTATION  and send immediately your request to Tacchi Tessiture Tele Metalliche.

Our qualified staff will evaluate your needs and will answer to you as soon as possible


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