Motorized Curtain ReflexA

Resistant structure and sophisticated aestetic

The new and innovative completely metallic curtain.

From the union of two important companies in the field, Tacchi Tessiture Tele Metalliche and DUEELLETENDE, a completely metallic curtain with a particular mesh is born. REFLEXA is the novelty and absolute innovation, patented (patent n. VA2010U000009).

The design and the materials used, made exclusively in Italy, make of Reflexa an object capable of giving a touch of personality to the most exclusive places. The cloth is the real news, realized exclusively with metallic wires: stainless steel  Aisi 304 L or Aisi 316 L, brass, natural copper or copper covered with pure and coloured silver, and moreover screen prints with the opportunity of an extremely wide choice for any customization. The cloth stays in tension in any position.

The rewind system can be both down and up, a new development worked out by the technicians of the two companies.Further advantage: we can carry out cloths with the widest size and without joints, maximal size,  more or less 3 x 4 m in a unique cloth.

REFLEXA is completely made with recyclable materials


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