Electro-welded nets

Production of Electro-welded nets

Compared to the metallic cloths, the electro-welded metallic nets take advantage of an electro-welded procedure to unify the warp metallic yarns with the weft one, and not a traditional weaving procedure. The electro-welded nets can be realized with steel wire, drawn wire polished or galvanized wire, used for the production of fences, containers, protections in general, ventilation and filtration systems. The finishing of the electro-welded mesh can also be spiked or trimmed according to the application needs of the net itself.

Illustrative tables:

This type of net has a very wide field of applications. In this case, instead of a weaving process, the warp and the weft wires, one on top of the other, are fixed togethar by electric welding.

They are normally produced with:

- Glass perforated wire - Galvanised wire - Stainless steel wire 18/8


- Fences and railings - Containers - Ventilation - Filtering - General protection

Mesh opening (mmxmm) Ø Wire
32x23 3 1200x3000 17.60
30x30 3 1200x2400 10.56
40x40 4 1200x2400 14.25
50x50 3 1200x2400 6.33
50x50 4 1200x2400 11.40
50x50 5 1200x2400 17.74
100x100 4 2000x3000 11.88
100x100 5 2000x3000 18.48
100x100 6 2000x3000 26.64
150x150 4 2000x3000 8.09
150x150 5 2000x3000 12.63
150x150 6 2000x3000 18.20
200x200 4 2000x3000 5.94
200x200 5 2000x3000 9.24
200x200 6 2000x3000 13.32


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