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Tiles TV Monitor Wall System

Coated wall composed of profile struts in extruded aluminum,
Art. 12.839, anchored to the existing brick wall
with brackets adjustable over 3 boards, Art. 12.001.
Crystal temperature panel’s rear painted with a black
color in a left and right lateral press as the TV Monitor’s
Safety brackets painted in a stainless steel mechanical
retaining of the crystal’s plate.
Anchoring TV Monitor brackets with an adjustable 3 board
compass.Wiring and electrical system with 220V
power and grounding system.
Mechanical anchoring support through certified and
accessory Nylon strips, Art. 12.005, which guarantees
the assembly and dismantling of the singular panels.
Fold Tiles 4025 panel with dimensions 400 mm x 250
mm build with Tacchi TTM fabric art….
Upper and lower finishing border with an extruded
aluminum profile Art. 12.004.
Finishing lateral border left and right through extruded
aluminum profile Art. 12.066.
Wall’s size L ……….x H……………
Quantity n………………


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